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Emotional message for grandson reveals issues gripping Khalid Butt in last days

'Many other diseases have taken hold of my body, ' says actor
Khalid Butt has left his loved ones and fans behind on January 11. Photo Aaj News
Khalid Butt has left his loved ones and fans behind on January 11. Photo Aaj News

Before taking his last breath, Pakistan’s legendary actor Khalid Butt shared details of his health with his grandson in a voice note that went viral on social media, leaving fans doleful.

In the voice note Khalid Butt, who left loved ones and fans mourning him on January 11, talked about his struggle to understand his deteriorating health.

“I can’t even go to the washroom by myself,” he added, “Doctors recommend a liver and stomach transplant, as they believe that my liver has failed to work, and my stomach has become weak. Meanwhile, many other diseases have taken hold of my body.”

He informed his grandson that he planned to go to the Pakistan Kidney & Liver Institute and Research Centre (PKLI) and requested his grandson to pray for his health.

His last message, which went viral on social media, depicts the emotional conversation between a grandfather and grandson, where he revealed that he fell ill during a shooting, and the team sent him home for 8 days to take a rest.

However, Khalid Butt couldn’t return to shooting, as his life journey ended on January 11. Mohsin Gilani, a senior Pakistani actor, shared this sad news on his Instagram.

Khalid Butt was a renowned Pakistani television, film, and theatre actor. The Multan-born actor began his career in 1970 as a film assistant director.

In 1978, he got an opportunity to work as an actor and captivated fans by playing the hero in his first serial.

Khalid Butt also showcased his acting skills in several hit PTV serials.

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