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Monday, July 15, 2024  
08 Muharram 1446  

Govt likely to hike gas price up to 172% for domestic consumers: sources

ECC to deliberate on 200% hike in gas price
Preparing for a 200% increase in gas prices - Aaj News

Days after a cut in fuel prices, the petroleum division is likely to propose an increase of 172% for domestic consumers of natural gas in the meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee tomorrow (Monday), sources said.

The caretaker finance minister has called the meeting at 4 pm tomorrow to deliberate on the proposal for an increase in the gas tariff from October 1, they added.

According to reports, the summary forwarded by the petroleum division has suggested around 200% increase in the gas tariff, an increase in the price of gas up to 172% for domestic consumers, and a hike of 200% in the price of gas.

It summary proposed to raise the fixed monthly charges from Rs10 to Rs400 for the protected customers, and around a 3,900% increase in the fixed charges for the lowest gas users has been proposed.

The increase in gas prices will be applicable from October 1, sources said.

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