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Security institution employee, his minor daughter shot dead in Karachi

Interim Sindh CM seeks report from IGP
A Rangers vehicle and an Edhi ambulance are seen at the site of incident at Karachi’s Chamra Chowrangi on September 24, 2023.
A Rangers vehicle and an Edhi ambulance are seen at the site of incident at Karachi’s Chamra Chowrangi on September 24, 2023.

A security institution employee and his minor daughter were killed when unidentified men on a motorcycle opened fire at them near a private company in Karachi’s Chamra Chowrangi area on Sunday, the police said.

“We are investigating from every aspect,” Korangi-SSP Hasan Sardar Niazi told reporters outside the Jinnah Hospital where both the victims were brought in for treatment. “We are conducting investigations related to robbery and enmity.”

The deceased persons were identified as Tahir Zaman and two-year-old girl Anum Gul.

According to initial reports, Niazi said that the Zaman along with his wife and children had stopped at the Chamra Chowrangi to feed the children. They were on a motorcycle. Zaman’s wife and a child were unhurt in the firing.

The suspects fled after firing at the family, the police said.

At least eight bullet shells were found at the site of the incident, said the police. They have also recovered a bike on which the victims were allegedly travelling.

Initial reports said that it was suspected to be an incident of robbery, but the police stated that the investigation into the murder was under way.

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“Nothing was taken away from anyone,” said Niazi, and reiterated the case would be investigated from every aspect. He hinted that it could be a case of enmity as belongings related to the victims were on the site.

The Korangi-SSP described the killing as a “challenging case” for the police.

The police would take the witnesses’ statements, the previous history of victims, and CCTV footage into account while investigating the murder.

“It was too early to say anything as it was not an ordinary incident,” he said, “hopefully whoever was involved in the murder would be brought to justice.”

Interim Chief Minister of Sindh Maqbool Baqar has taken notice of the killing and sought a detailed report from the inspector general of police.

Baqar expressed deep sorrow for the affected family. He ordered the police to immediately arrest the murderers and asked them to conduct the inquiry from every angle.

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