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Monday, May 20, 2024  
11 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Senior lawyer says IHC lift malfunction should be investigated

Senator Kamran Murtaza says PTI sees conspiracies everywhere
File photo.
File photo.

Senior lawyer Abid Zuberi said that Islamabad High Court’s chief justice should order and investigation into the incident of the stuck lift.

Speaking in Rubaroo with Shaukat Piracha on Friday, Senator Kamran Murtaza said it was an indication of the PTI’s mindset that if the lift got stuck, they would claim it was done by someone. He said technical things like lift malfunctions can happen and prudent minds should not make such claims.

Murtaza said that not only had the Toshakhana appeal been kept pending in the top court for a long time, but strange remarks about the strength of the judgement had also been made.

He said that any remarks made by the chief justice immediately become news and reach everyone.

Abid Zuberi said that it was concerning that there was no staff on hand in the high court to get people out of the malfunctioning lift and an hour was spent while CDA’s staff arrived to help.

He called on the chief justice of the high court to take notice of the incident and said it could not simply be dismissed as a mechanical failure.

Hassan Raza Pasha said that the IHC’s remarks about avoiding the trial court’s mistakes could refere to the hasty judgement that was delivered without even hearing witnesses.

Pasha said that the matter of suspending sentence should not take up more than 15 minutes since only errors and defects in the judgement are discussed.

He added that division benches do not routinely hear cases on Friday and if the matter had to be adjourned, it should simply have been set for Monday.

Pasha said that if the matter of the lift was investigated, it should also be investigated if Imran Khan’s case was being treated differently just because he is a popular leader.

He added that sending peopel on 90-day remands under the new NAB laws is absurd and someone would have to held accountable for the long periods people spend in jail.

He said that law should take its own course while politics should take its own.

Zuberi said that the NAB law should be removed altogether. He said that the remand in the law was first reduced from 90 to 14 days and has now been raised again to 30 days.

He said that Imran had already been taken under arrest in multiple other cases even though he was already in jail, which indicated that the intention was to keep him incarcerated for as long as possible.

Murtaza said that people involved in political struggles should have the courage to bear jail as sturuggles invoolved making sacrifices.

He added that if elections went beyond 90 days, the delay can be indefinite.

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