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Thursday, June 20, 2024  
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At least five names under discussion for caretaker prime minister, says Kaira

Calls for another coalition government to resolve country’s issues
The last days of PML-N govt, how much preparation?|“Rubaroo with Shaukat Piracha | Aaj News

The PDM coalition partners are discussing four to five names for the top slot in the caretaker setup, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Qamar Zaman Kaira said on Sunday.

“I am not a member of the committee our party has formed to discuss the names, so I do not know anything about it,” he said on Aaj News show Rubaroo. “When we ask the members of the party’s committee, they tell us that they are under oath and will not disclose the name.”

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Responding to a question regarding apparent disagreements between PDM allies over the candidates for the interim prime minister, he said that there were no issues over the matter and that the media “unnecessarily” hyped up the debate.

Kaira went on to add that consultations have commenced regarding the nomination of the caretaker prime minister.

He denied having knowledge regarding discussions and agreements over the nomination of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the top slot in the interim setup.

“There is a need for another coalition government which will collectively take decisions to resolve the issues of the country,” Kaira stated. He was responding to a question regarding a consensus for economic policies.

He opposed a delay in the elections based on the need for a new census and delimitation. “I think we should not delay the election process and ensure the holding of elections in 90 days as per the Constitution of Pakistan.”

“Most likely the elections will be held within 90 days as it suits the political parties. I think the assemblies will be dissolved on August 8 or 9,” Kaira stated.

Talking about the tabling of ‘The Prevention of Violent Extremism Bill 2023’ bill in the Senate, Kaira said that the PTI should support such bills and legislations to counter extremism.

“There should be no relation of PTI to the extremism,” he added.

However, Kaira questioned the title of the bill. “What is meant by violent extremism? Is there any peaceful extremism?” he inquired.

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