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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
14 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

How a TikToker captured the explosion in Khyber’s mosque

The Tikoker was nearby when he heard something was happening at the mosque

The world found out about a mosque being brought to the ground near Khyber’s town Jarmud on Tuesday through a TikTok video.

Additional SHO Khyber Adnan Afridi was martyred in the blast after he entered the mosque to arrest an alleged suicide bomber.

In the video posted by TikTok, Adnan Afridi can be seen trying to peek into the main hall of the small mosque when a loud explosion is heard and the roof of the mosque collapses, including the minaret.

TikToker Asim Khan (name changed to protect identity) told Aaj News how he got close to the mosque when the blast took place.

“It was on 25th July sround afternoon. It was hot so to reduce the intensity of the heat, we friends visit Jamrud natural spring (Ghar Oba Cave) at least two or three times a week. On that day we planned to go there.

“We reached there and bathed in the water for a long time. Soon, we heard the sound of firing from a place near us. We came out of the water and I told my friends that the nearby villagers were probably fighting, so staying there at such a time was dangerous. So we started to leave.

“When we crossed the bridge near the mosque, there were a lot of people, including policemen, most of them were asking each other what was going on, but no one had the right information. In such a situation, I heard from someone in the congregation that some people who had taken drugs had gone inside the mosque, and the police had come here to remove them.

“I took out my mobile phone with the idea that these people will soonbe taken out of the mosque, and I will make a video of them.

“I started recording the video, meanwhile a policeman (Additional SHO Adnan Afridi) entered the mosque. After a few moments there was an explosion and an atmosphere of chaos was created.

We were standing at a distance on the road while the policemen were ahead of us when the explosion happened, we ran away from there within minutes and seconds. The recording was already on in our mobile phone, so everything was recorded and we ran away. Smoke, dust and dirt were visible. Everyone was in fear because no one had thought of the explosion.

“At that time, I was unnerved because we had seen a terrible explosion with our own eyes. When I got home, I recovered somewhat and went out to meet my friends. We uploaded the video on Tik Tok and many people downloaded it and shared it on their accounts.

“However, TikTok took the video down after three or four hours.”

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