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Tuesday, May 21, 2024  
12 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

‘The cool uncle’: Ali Tareen’s heartfelt tribute to Alamgir Tareen

Alamgir passed away in Lahore on Thursday

A day after Alamgir Tareen passed away in Lahore, his nephew Ali Tareen posted a heartfelt message in his memory.

“Alamgir chacha lived life on his own terms. The cool uncle, the maverick,” Ali wrote on Twitter.

“A larger than life character who was always happy to challenge convention. Whether in life, in business or in cricket,” he added.

“His sudden loss is an almost unbearable tragedy for those who knew him well. May Allah SWT bless his joyous soul.”

Ali’s father, Jahangir Tareen, was Alamgir’s elder brother. Jahangir was in a political meeting when he was informed of his brother’s demise.

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What to do if someone exhibits intent of self-harm

Anxiety and depression is the bane of modern life. But help is just around the corner. If you …

  • Are feeling depressed
  • Are feeling stressed because of your challenging work environment
  • Are suffering from anxiety due to another physical illness
  • Have recently been diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Your doctor has suggested you to seek counseling
  • Feel that no one understands you

You can get in touch with the following mental health helplines and speak to them.

  • Umang 0317 4288665
  • Umang 0311-7786264
  • Mind Organisation 042 35761999
  • Talk2me.pk 0333 4065139
  • Baat Karo 0335 5743344
  • Taskeen 0332 5267936
  • Rooh 0333 3337664
  • Rozan 0800-22444
  • OpenCounseling 042 35761999

Here’s what you should do if someone you know exhibits signs of suicide or a tendency to isolate or self-harm:

  • Try to make sure they are not left alone
  • Remove any objects they could use to harm themselves.
  • Take or encourage the person to seek help from a medical or mental health professional

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