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Thursday, June 13, 2024  
06 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Rainwater floods houses in Lahore leaving residents trapped

Actor Nadia Jamil also shares video clips of her flooded home
A house in Lahore flooded with rainwater on July, 5, 2023 - via Twitter/@NJLahori
A house in Lahore flooded with rainwater on July, 5, 2023 - via Twitter/@NJLahori

As the rainfall continued in parts of Lahore, water entered residential buildings in several areas, leaving residents trapped in their houses. The roads in the city were also inundated.

The rainwater entered houses in Tajpura and Lahore Development Authority, while the provincial authorities failed to take action despite continuous complaints by the residents.

The Jail Road and surrounding areas were flooded after torrential rain in Lahore on Wednesday broke 30-year-old records. Several vehicles were also stuck on the roads and drowned in the water.

Actor Nadia Jamil also shared video clips from her house, where she said her 76-year-old mother had ben “trapped.” The actor said she was away at her friend’s house.

“My 76-year-old mother is trapped in the house… again. I’m regretting the fact that I stayed with my best friend last night. We were celebrating my sons birthday and I crashed there. Now I can’t get to my mother. And she can’t get out. In another hour, if the rains continue, this will all be in the house! My mother is a heart patient. My brother had to walk chest-deep in water to pick up milk 4 the children in the staff quarters & Ami. This is RIDICULOUS! This is SEWERAGE water as we live off the Ganda Nala. It’s highly toxic!”, she tweeted.

Contrary to claims being made by the officials, the Water and Sewerage Authority’s officials were not seen on the field in the low lying areas of the city, the most affected by the record-breaking rain, reported Ateeq Malik of Aaj News.

He said affluent areas received attention from the authorities.

Over half a dozen deaths were reported by the afternoon.

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