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What does 60mm rain in half an hour mean for Karachi?

Karachi may receive up to 60 mm of rainfall in half an hour, says CM Sindh
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

With threat of the Cyclone Biparjoy looming, Karachi is expected to receive heavy to moderate showers in different areas of the city.

Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has already warned that the city could experience heavy rains in the next couple of days.

“Karachi may receive up to 60 mm rainfall in half an hour,” said Murad Ali Shah during a press conference.

With an extremely heavy downpour expected, here are some potential threats in Karachi:


The sudden and intense rainfall can overwhelm the city’s drainage systems, leading to widespread flooding. Low-lying areas and poorly drained neighborhoods are particularly vulnerable.

Floods can disrupt transportation, damage infrastructure, and pose risks to public safety.

Roads may become impassable due to flooding, resulting in traffic jams and delays. Commuting and transportation within the city can become challenging.

Infrastructure damage:

The intense downpour can also cause damage to the infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and buildings.

Sindh Building Control Authority has already issued a high alert for Karachi on Monday and established an emergency control room in Karachi.

A statement from the SBCA said that 450 buildings were classified as ‘dangerous’ while 40 buildings have been declared outright dilapidated.

SBCA said that evacuations from at-risk buildings have begun and will be completed by Monday afternoon. Officers in all districts of Karachi have been alerted as well.

Additionally, excessive water can erode soil and undermine the stability of structures.

Power outages:

Heavy rains often lead to power outages due to lightning strikes, strong winds, or damage to electrical infrastructure. This can disrupt daily life, affect communication systems, and hinder emergency response efforts.

Health risks:

Intense rain can result in waterlogging and stagnant water, creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects. The increased moisture and humidity can also contribute to the spread of waterborne diseases and respiratory illnesses.


It’s important to stay alert and take necessary precautions during such heavy rainfall events. This includes staying informed through official weather updates, avoiding unnecessary travel, seeking higher ground if in flood-prone areas, and following any evacuation orders or safety guidelines issued by local authorities.

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