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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
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Punjab police to challenge Yasmin Rashid’s discharge order

IG Punjab claims no mistreatment of jailed female supporters of PTI
IGP Punjab Usman Anwar addresses a press conference in Lahore on June 04, 2023. Screengrab via YouTube/Aaj News
IGP Punjab Usman Anwar addresses a press conference in Lahore on June 04, 2023. Screengrab via YouTube/Aaj News

The Punjab police have decided to challenge the decision of Lahore’s anti-terrorism court, which discharged PTI leader Yasmin Rashid in a case pertaining to vandalism at the Jinnah House (Lahore Corps Commander’s Residence) on May 9.

The police have asked for remand of Rashid to verify evidence against the PTI leader as she had purportedly been in contact with miscreants present at Jinnah House, IGP of Punjab Usman Anwar said at a press conference in Lahore on Sunday.

Flanked by other policemen, Anwar’s presser was centered on the alleged propaganda campaign run by PTI against the police and court decisions regarding Imran Khan-led party leaders.

Violent protests broke out across the country over the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan on May 9. The PTI chief’s arrest at the Islamabad High Court by the paramilitary forces had sparked countrywide protests, during which several private and public properties, including military installations, were attacked.

The PTI has claimed that women in police custody were facing torture and harassment.

Rashid is among the PTI leaders facing charges of organising violent riots following Khan’s arrest last month.

Earlier in a tweet, the Punjab police vowed to bring to justice all the “culprits” involved in damaging public and private properties during the violent protests.

Anwar added that at least 19 – out of the 120 miscreants identified by police for vandalising the Jinnah House – have been arrested.

“The PTI ran an organised propaganda against law enforcement agencies in their WhatsApp groups by forwarding false and baseless information against state institutions.”

He alleged that miscreants were in contact with the PTI leadership through Whatsapp. “We have identified 152 such people and arrested 40 of them till now. The police have admissible proof against these accused and will be produced in courts when needed.”

Anwar claimed that at least five people including a child died as the PTI protesters opened fire during the riots. “Army did not fire on the people, while the police were also not carrying weapons.”

Contrary to PTI’s claims that the party’s women workers were mistreated during arrest and captivity, he said that it was actually the PTI workers who broke the arms of the police officials. “They [PTI workers] beat up police officials and hurled abuses against them.”

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