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Murad Raas, Abrar-ul-Haq and Saifullah Niazi leave PTI

Babar Awan leaves country for UK
Murad Raas had his eye well up with tear at the press conference. PHOTO TWITTER/@iihtishamm
Murad Raas had his eye well up with tear at the press conference. PHOTO TWITTER/@iihtishamm

Another PTI leader and former Punjab education minister, Murad Raas, has announce that he is quitting the party.

Ironically, Raas, who is among dozens of PTI leaders to leave the party, blamed Khan’s advisers for what was happening in the country today. He announced his decision to leave the party in a press conference in Lahore.

His eyes welled up with tears as he announced his decision.

Raas said he never believed in violent protest and did not want to pick a fight with institutions.

He blamed Imran Khan’s advisers for what was happening in the country.

The former education minister said the party needed to speak with the people sitting inside the country.

Raas said he had gambled it all – kashtiyan jala kar aya tha – when he joined the PTI in 2008 and had never thought things will come to this point.

Abrar ul Haq burst into tears as he announces resignation

PTI leader and singer Abrar ul Haq announced on Friday that he would resign from the party.

“I am parting ways with politics for now,” an emotional Abrar said in a press conference in Lahore. However, he added that no one knew what the future could bring.

Abrar said that he could not see the element of serving people in politics anymore.

He added that he had been raised in a patriotic household and had even prayed for martyrdom as a child. He added that the events of May 9 had been unfortunate and he could not continue to be a part of the PTI anymore.

He also said that he had built institutions for social service which honored the families of martyrs regularly.

Saifullah Niazi leaves PTI

In a short press confernce in Islamabad, Imran Khan’s relative and close confidant Saifullah Niazi said that he would part ways with the party.

He also said that he condemned the events of May 9 and but left without taking any questions from journalists.

Babar Awan leaves Pakistan

Imran Khan’s close aide and legal adviser Babar Awan has left Pakistan in an unannounced moved.

Awan took a flight to London from the Islamabad International Airport at 1pm on Friday, Aaj News reported.

He boarded Virgin Atlantic flight VS379 which was to land in London shortly after 5pm according to Pakistan time.

 Babar Awan. PHOTO FILE
Babar Awan. PHOTO FILE

Awan has been an outspoken critic of the PDM government. He joined the PTI in 2017 after years of affiliation with the Pakistan Peoples Party.

In recent days, PTI has seen its several leaders quitting the party or stepping down from their posts.

However, Awan said he was with the party and had left the country for “ pre-arranged private engagements.“

“I have left the country for pre-arranged private engagements. All my medicines are Pakistani and treated by proud Pakistani doctors. Imran was a friend before, now he is my leader, Tehreek-e-Insaf is my larger family and Pakistan is my destination,” he said in a tweet.

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