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Poll: Tell us if your road has been repaired, Karachi

A living story crowdsourced to hold government accountable

Hello Karachi people! For a few days now you’ve been telling us where roads need repairs in the city. So this story is growing.

  • As each one of you leaves a comment or share a road location, we map it (See below) 👇🏼
  • Red 🔴 is for a reader’s complaint, which turns green 🟢 when we verify it 👍🏼
  • Below you will find the Google map, where we are marking broken roads. Zoom in and tap to see information
  • Please share this story link and encourage people to keep posting comments with information (WhatsApp us your photos at +923331038598 or email Sajjad Mehdi [email protected])
  • We will unveil the next step soon…

If you’ve seen Karachi’s roads being fixed these days, you can thank the World Bank because it is paying for it.

The money is coming from the World Bank’s Competitive and Livable City of Karachi (CLICK) $652 million project. Some of the money is loans and some of the funding is grants.

CLICK’s Technical Manager Azmat Khan told us that they are “investing” around Rs5 billion in road maintenance for the rain emergency.

He claimed that 70% of the carpeting work is almost done and the rest will take the next couple of months. He did not disclose any more details of which roads and how it broke down.

It was next to impossible to pin down which government department was funding and overseeing which road repairs so they can be held accountable. The work is being done by consultants who supervise the project, but the executing agencies responsible for the implementation are KMC and the seven DMCs. CLICK’s role is act as a liaison between the executing agencies and the World Bank.

We did learn that the World Bank’s sewage or KWSSIP project is also working on roads, as is the Sindh government’s People’s Bus Service, KMC and KDA. And while it may not be terribly important to know which authority is getting the work done, we did think it is important to have some accountability.

This is where you come in. Please help us by posting a comment below mentioning the exact location of a road you use that needs repairs.

We are sharing our WhatsApp number where you can send us photos and PIN locations of roads that need repairs. Click on this link to reach us on WhatsApp.

Or you can email Sajjad Mehdi at sajjad.mehdi (@) aaj.tv with photos and details of the road by your house that needs repairs.

Please fill in the polls to help us gain a sense of how large scale the problem is

To help you find your district
To help you find your district

Additionally, we acquired an August 2022 presentation made by a consultant for KMC on the state of Karachi’s roads. You can download it here from Dropbox.

The consultant who prepared this said that these were the problems:

  • There was seepage in the water supply lines
  • No stormwater system existed
  • The pavement was not thick for the traffic load (excess, heavy traffic)
  • Road cutting by KE, KWSB, SSGC, PTCL, etc. had ruined roads

This is a list of main roads and estimated cost to repair them and the agency responsible for doing the work. PBS stands for People’s Bus Service here.

Road name Rs (m) Executing agency
Sh-e-Faisal 2.8 PBS
Univ Road 16.3 PBS
8000 Korangi 5.6 PBS
Jail Road 8.7 PBS
Rashid Minhas 10 KDA, KMC, PBS,
Sh-e-Millat 20 PBS, KMC
Jahangir Rd 11.7 PBS, KDA, KMC
II Chundrigar 6.4 KDA, PBS
Mauripur Rd 14.6 PBS, local govt
Ziauddin Ahmad 6 KMC
12000 Korangi 1 KMC partial
Expressway 6.2 KMC
Ibrahim Hyderi 8.7 KNID (done)
Sh-e-Pakistan 12.4 KDA
SM Tofiq 11.7 KDA
Sh-e-Ibn-e Sina 19.5 KDA
Nishtar 3 SIDCL
Sir Shah Suleman 54.8 KDA
AH Ispahani 5.5 PBS

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