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Friday, June 14, 2024  
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IHC says Imran’s warrants will not be withdrawn

Tells PTI to to submit affidavit in sessions court
File photo.
File photo.

The Islamabad High Court refused to strike down warrants issued for Imran Khan that have led to clashes between police and workers in Lahore.

The court has also ordered PTI to submit its affidavit guaranteeing Imran Khan’s presence in court on March 18 in the sessions court. IHC also ordered the sessions court to look into the affidavit and settle the matter.

IHC Chief Justice Aamir Farooq read out the reserved a judgment after hearing PTI petition seeking the cancellation of an arrest warrant against Imran Khan.

During the hearing, the justice said that he will hand down a ‘balanced’ verdict. Justice Farooq lamented the violence seen at the Zaman Park residence of Imran Khan in Lahore, saying “our children” are on both sides.

Earlier, in the day the judge said that what was happening was PTI’s own doing. However, he took the PTI petition despite the fact that it was delisted by the court.

On Wednesday morning, the Islamabad High Court canceled its regular cause list for the day saying only urgent cases will be heard.

And the list issued for the urgent causes did not include the PTI petition.

As the court started hearing other cases, PTI Counsel Khawaja Haris approached the rostrum and sought the hearing of the petition against Khan’s warrant.

Justice Farooq said that the registrar’s office had marked some objections on the petition but he will fix it for a hearing.

The justice also said that the court had granted relief to PTI a few days ago but its directions were not heeded. We will see what could be the consequences of that, said the justice.

When the counsel said that the court could see what was happening in Lahore, the justice said, “It is your own doing.”

Last week, the Islamabad High Court had allowed Khan more time to appear before the courts.

Later, the petition was fixed for a hearing.

PTI has pinned its hopes on Islamabad High Court as clashes continue at Zaman Park between its worker and personnel of law enforcment agencies.

On Wednesday morning, PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry said in a tweet that the party will follow whatever order is issued by the court.

Imran Khan told international media outlets Tuesday night that he was ready to go to jail. There were reports that the former prime minister may surrender to the courts instead of surrendering to the police.

Khan’s arrest warrants were issued on Monday after he failed to appear before Islamabad courts in multiple cases. The PTI says security concerns were an obstacle in Khan’s court appearance.

The PTI chief led a political rally in Lahore on Monday and addressed his supporters from inside his vehicle.

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