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Pregnant woman at JPMC gynae ward goes missing

Family says she went inside but never came back
File photo
File photo

A pregnant woman has been reported missing from the gynae ward of the Jinnah Post-graduate Medical Center (JPMC) in Karachi.

The husband of Hijab Fatima and her other relatives have claimed that she was brought to the gynae ward on Thursday morning.

JMPC’s gynae ward is one of the busiest maternity center in the city.

Hijab Fatima’s husband, Waseem Abbas, said that around thirty minutes after being brought at the hospital, Hijab Fatima came out of the ward to have a meal. When she returned, she forgot her phone and the nurse escorting her came back to get the phone.

“The nurse came to take the phone from me. It barely took two to three minutes. When the nurse went back inside the ward, my wife was gone.” he said.

The CCTV footage of the waiting room shows that Hijab went inside the ward but did not come back, the family claimed.

The JMPC management has not released a statement about the incident.

Police officials, meanwhile, said that there was no record showing that Hijab Fatima was admitted to the gynae ward. The footage was from the waiting area only, it said.

Police has started an investigation into the matter on the family’s request. Officials told reporters that they were trying to obtain CCTV footage from different cameras in the area.

The officials said the family members have told the police that they had been visiting the hospital for the past two or three days, but CCTV footage show Hijab in the waiting area only on Thursday.

A case will be registered after things become clear, the officials said.

Around 40 members of the family were outside the gynae ward on Thursday night. They demanded quick recovery of Hijab Fatima.

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