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CTD knocking doors in Islamabad to register citizens

Reports also said that the CTD is largely reduced to VIP protocol duties in the capital
File photo.
File photo.

ISLAMABAD: The Counter Terrorism Department has started a new campaign called ‘Knock the Door’ to register citizens and their domestic staff in the capital.

CTD is officially mandated to carry out terrorism-related investigations and operations across Pakistan, but the new initiative has involved them in a data-collection scheme to enhance security in Islamabad.

The new campaign is mainly targeted at people who have rented houses in the capital or are working as domestic staff in houses inside the city of over 20 million inhabitants. Not having requisite documents can also lead to arrests. The campaign also seeks to make sure that no foreigners are staying in the city without a visa.

Sources told Aaj News that 11,000 people living in rented properties and 1,200 domestic workers have already been registered through the campaign. The scope of the campaign is being expanded to ensure maximum coverage.

CTD mainly working on VIP duties

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that a large proportion of CTD commandos who were appointed for the city’s security are currently working on VIP protocol duties.

Sources said that out of a total of 850 CTD officials stationed in the city, only 150 are actually working in security operations. The other 700 members are busy guarding VIPs including senior state and government officials.

The CTD High Alert Team which was set up for high-priority counter-terrorism operations and was given special training and modern equipment has also been deactivated by the current police administration in the city. Meanwhile, crime rates in the city have risen by a massive 123%.

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