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Saturday, July 20, 2024  
13 Muharram 1446  

Govt withdraws one slab benefit for power consumers

Coalition govt revises the slabs based on units consumed by generating bills
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The coalition government has made a change in the way power consumers are billed by revising the slabs based on units consumed by generating bills and has withdrawn one slab benefit for the electricity consumers, which has resulted in an increase in electricity tariff.

Previously, the category of unprotected consumers was provided with the benefit of one slab in their billing, according to which the billing was done in two slabs, which has now been removed.

Consumers in the unprotected category will now only be charged on one slab in which their units fall.

Earlier the unprotected consumers using 1-100 units were charged the category rate of Rs 13.48 per unit, while for the additional units over and above 100 units they were charged the next category (101-200 units) rate of Rs 18.58 per unit. However, under the modified policy, now the consumers consuming 101 units are being charged only one slab of Rs18.58 per unit.

The cost of electricity for consumers using 101-200 is Rs 18.58 per unit, however, after the modification, the consumption of even a single unit over and above the 200 unit will push this category into next category consuming 201-300 units and the consumers will be charged with Rs21.47 per unit.

Similarly, the categories of 301-400 units will be charged with Rs24.63, for consumption of 401-500 units the consumers will be charged Rs26, 501 to 600 units with Rs27, 601 to 700 with Rs27.65 and for above 700 units the consumers will be charged with Rs31.12.

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