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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

'Pakistani men do not care even if their wife is a football'

There are many instances when people opt for divorce when women gain weight, another matchmaker tells Aaj News morning show host Sidra Iqbal

Making comments on somebody’s physical appearance is very common in Pakistan but is it ok to for a husband and wife to tell each other to lose weight?

“Pakistani men do not care even if their wife is a football,” said senior matchmaker Wajahat Ahmed on Sidra Iqbal’s morning show Aaj Pakistan.

He was of the opinion that men are very unaffected by their wives’ physical appearance, so asking her to lose weight will never come up.

“There are many instances when people opt for divorce when women gain weight,” Shadi.Pk senior matchmaker Rukhsar rebutted.

Even though the matchmakers on the show could not agree on how women gaining weight affects Pakistani men, all of them agreed that potential suitors ask for profiles of men and women who are thin.

“Women between the height of 5’2” to 5’4” who are under 55kgs are ideal,” Ahmed said.

“There are places in the world where the standard is not just being slim, and so it is not propagated,” said psychiatrist Dr Wajahat.

“I think men who are disrespectful and derogatory when talking to their wives, especially about weight should be beaten with a shoe.”

Rukhsar agreed while saying you can always encourage your spouse to lose weight, instead of shaming them into it.

“Women are now health conscious but they should not diet to the point of looking sick. Neither should they let themselves go after having a baby. They should go to the gym and maintain themselves,” Mrs Khan of Mrs Khan’s Matchmaking Bureau opined.

“We expect all these things from women, but do we give them the space to do all these things? Will someone take care of their child so that she can focus on herself?” asked Rukhsar.

“It is more important to be healthy than just thin. Some people weigh 50 kgs but do not have the strength to get through the day while some people will weigh 80 kgs but lead very active lifestyles,” said Rukhsar.

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