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Monday, July 15, 2024  
08 Muharram 1446  

Pakistan hints to evacuate nationals from Egypt

Pakistan Ambassador in Cairo Seema Naqvi on Sunday requested government to send C 130 plane for safe evacuation of Pakistanis, as lawlessness increased in Egypt.

Foreign Ministry said that its nationals in Egypt will be evacuated if required in the view of the anti-government violent campaign.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit Khan told AAJ NEWS that all Pakistanis are safe and the embassy in Cairo is in touch with the nationals.

There are some 150 to 200 Pakistani families in Egypt and the total number is nearly 700, the spokesman said.

"We are closely watching the situation in Egypt," Abdul Basit said, adding that security measures have been taken for nationals in the violence-hit city.

On the other hand, Pakistan Ambassador in Egypt, Seema Naqvi told AAJ NEWS that preparations are underway for safe evacuation of Pakistani nationals. Seema has requested government to send C 130 plane for evacuation of Pakistanis.

The anti-government campaign has claimed more than 100 lives since Tuesday and about 2,000 have been injured, according to media reports.