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Paul Heyman highlights Dominik Mysterio’s rise in viral instagram story

Heyman praises Dominik work
Dominik Mysterio reacts to Paul Heyman’s Instagram story. Photo via Sports Skeeda
Dominik Mysterio reacts to Paul Heyman’s Instagram story. Photo via Sports Skeeda

WWE Superstar Dominik Mysterio has shared Paul Heyman’s recent Instagram story featuring stills from his WrestleMania XL match.

Dominik teamed up with Santos Escobar to take on his father Rey Mysterio and Andrade. In the end, Rey and Andrade emerged victorious in the tag team match.

Paul Heyman, who is known for his association with Roman Reigns, shared a series of pictures from the match on his Instagram story. Dominik, who is part of The Judgment Day faction, noticed the post and shared a couple of the pictures on his own story.

In the past, Heyman has praised Dominik’s work, stating that the young superstar doesn’t need his guidance and has already accomplished more with the Mysterio name than his father ever could.

Dominik is currently involved in an intriguing love triangle storyline on WWE RAW alongside Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley. This week’s episode saw Liv plant a kiss on Dominik, much to the delight of wrestling fans.

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It remains to be seen how Dominik’s career continues to unfold, and whether he ever ends up joining forces with the legendary Paul Heyman down the line.

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