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Tuesday, June 18, 2024  
11 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Electricity price to climb to Rs100/unit, dollar to reach Rs350: Omar Ayub

Severly criticizes the government's handling of the economy

Omar Ayub Khan, the General Secretary of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, has painted a bleak picture of Pakistan’s economic future, predicting a sharp rise in inflation and a decline in the value of the Pakistani Rupee.

Speaking on a news program Rubaroo on Aaj News on Thursday, Khan warned that the Pakistani Rupee could reach 350 against the US dollar within the next few months, and the price of electricity could rise to 100 rupees per unit.

He attributed this dire prediction to a lack of confidence in Pakistan’s legal system among investors, citing instances of perceived influence by intelligence agencies on the judiciary. “Investors look for the rule of law. They see the state of our courts and then they say, ‘There’s too much pressure from intelligence agencies on the judiciary, and they show you letters from judges,’” Khan said.

He also criticized the government’s handling of the economy, stating that he has been warning for two years about the rising cost of fuel and electricity. “The price of electricity was 17 rupees per unit two years ago, today it’s 85 rupees, and it will go up to 100 rupees. The dollar will reach 350 rupees in the next few months,” he predicted.

Khan also forecasted a looming rice crisis in addition to the increasing price of electricity.

In a sarcastic tone, Khan commented on the cases filed against him, including charges of motorcycle theft, theft of an X-ray machine, and murder. He claimed that these charges were absurd, suggesting that he had somehow stolen a motorcycle, attached an X-ray machine to it, and used it to commit crimes across the country.

He also poked fun at the sudden disappearance of former Minister Hammad Azhar, who was seen leaving for Peshawar before the police could reach him. Khan claimed that he had given Azhar his own “F-16 motorcycle” and that Azhar had disappeared with it.

In a lighter vein, Khan expressed his amusement at the actions of the Islamabad Police, who raided the PTI Secretariat while UN officials were present. He said, “They were so smart, they raided while UN officials were there, asking them about the challenges they faced during the elections. Then, to top it off, they searched the cars of UN officials.”

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Omar Ayub Khan