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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez face separation rumours

Lopez has acknowledged feeling "misunderstood" like her "Atlas" character
Mr. and Mrs. Affleck’s’ divorce rumor’s deepens. Photo via Instagram
Mr. and Mrs. Affleck’s’ divorce rumor’s deepens. Photo via Instagram

Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are facing intense speculation about the state of their marriage after the actor was spotted repeatedly without his wedding ring.

Affleck, 51, was photographed on the set of his upcoming film “The Accountant 2” as well as while picking up his son from school, noticeably missing the gold band he has worn since the couple’s lavish wedding in July 2022.

The Oscar winner also attended the premiere of Lopez’s latest movie “Atlas” alone while the 53-year-old singer-actress walked the Met Gala red carpet by herself and “liked” an Instagram post about toxic relationships.

Sources close to the couple have revealed that Affleck feels the past two years of marriage have been a “fever dream” and has come to the realization that the relationship may not be working. He has also reportedly been house hunting and staying separately from Lopez.

Both Affleck and Lopez are aware of the swirling divorce rumours, though the “Hustlers” star has continued to wear her own wedding ring in recent public appearances. She has acknowledged feeling “misunderstood” like her “Atlas” character, but has not directly addressed the speculation surrounding her marriage.

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The couple’s reunion and remarriage in 2022 came two decades after their initial highly-publicized engagement and breakup. Fans and entertainment media will be watching closely to see if the Hollywood duo can overcome this latest challenge.

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