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Friday, May 31, 2024  
22 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Chinese ambassador calls for linking economic and security cooperation, refutes CPEC rumours

China, Pakistan moving forward with working on executing Global Security Initiative, says envoy Jiang Zaidong
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Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong has stressed the need for linking economic and security cooperation as he refuted rumours and false claims related to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

“Development and security are two wings of a bird and two wheels of a vehicle,” he said in an interview with Shaukat Piracha on his show Rubaroo aired on Aaj News on Thursday. “Security is the guarantee of development and development guarantees security.”

He was responding to a question related to the rumours and false claims that arose after the Dasu attack in 2021.

At least 12 persons, including nine Chinese engineers and two Frontier Corps personnel, died and several others were injured on Wednesday in a bus attack near the Dasu hydropower plant in the Upper Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on July 14, 2021.

For him, security is proof of development. He dispelled such an impression that the two countries were facing a “new mission” in the new phase.

The envoy called for learning from the incident and conducting a comprehensive investigation into risks facing China-Pakistan joint projects.

“By working with Pakistan, we want to fail the conspiracy harming the China-Pakistan cooperation, protect development with security, and promote top quality development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.”

China wants Pakistan to increase counter-terrorism efforts

Pakistan should increase counter-terrorism efforts after a suicide blast in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Bisham that killed five Chinese nationals working on the Dasu dam project, Ambassador of China to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong has said.

“Every possible step should be taken for the protection and security of Chinese nationals, projects, and institutions in Pakistan,” he said in an interview with Shaukat Piracha on his show Rubaroo aired on Aaj News on Thursday.

Besides five Chinese citizens, one Pakistani national — the driver — was also killed after a suicide bomber rammed into the bus transporting staff of the Dasu dam project in Bisham, Shangla district, on March 26.

While speaking about security, the envoy said that national security was meant to secure the interests of the people, providing prosperity and welfare to the people.

“Ensuring the security of the people holds bases for the comprehensive national security,” he said and added that Chinese nationals were in Pakistan to promote friendly relations between the two countries and the country’s national security.

China has deep sorrow, grief, and anger over the attack, the ambassador said and added that the process was under way to deal with such a situation. “China and Pakistan should make people and their lives top priority in the whole process while dealing with this incident.”

He expressed hope that Pakistan would swiftly conduct an investigation into the incident and give strict punishment to the people responsible for it.

“Efforts for anti-terrorism should be increased and terrorists should be opposed,” Zaidong said, calling for providing a safe environment for the establishment of joint societies, strategic cooperation, and four seasons of the two countries.

Security challenge for China, Pakistan

While responding to a question related to the changing world situation, he said that conventional security issues were interconnected and terrorist incidents have increased over the years.

He recommended that all states should be on the path of bilateral interests, and joint success, and work on facing different security challenges.

The envoy also mentioned China’s Global Security Initiative (GSI). “Pakistan and China are moving forward on executing the GSI. We want to further increase cooperation with Pakistan and are ready for the establishment of a joint secure country. March 26 terrorist attack shows that terrorism has challenged the joint baseline of human cultures and we should take steps to strictly oppose it.”

He added that Beijing along with Pakistan wanted to further strengthen the counter-terrorism cooperation. Zaidong stressed that terrorists’ egos should be crushed and the safety and interests of the people of both states should be protected.

Relation with new Pakistani government

When asked, he said that the two sides would follow the consensus reached between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani leaders and promote traditional friendship, cooperation, joint establishment of the upgraded vision of CPEC, and four seasons of Pakistan-China ties.

“We will work with changing scenario of the situation and further strengthen joint society,” he said and added that the two sides would follow the comprehensive vision on national security and promote the GSI.

Holistic approach to national security

When asked, the envoy said that security was the top priority for any country.

International relations were going through a deep adjustment, he said and added that the people have hopes for peace and security during the time of crisis.

“People’s security is the purpose of national security and political stability and economic security are their bases while the army, cultural and social security are its guarantee and global security is its support.”

In relation to the security, he said that China and Pakistan interests were interlinked. “We want that both nations exchange views with each other and learn from each other.”

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