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Friday, June 21, 2024  
15 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Bushra Bibi’s sister raises concerns over treatment in Jail, criticizes PTI lawyers

Maryam Watto also expresses respect for Khan's sisters
Maryam Riaz(left) and Bushes Bibi
Maryam Riaz(left) and Bushes Bibi

Maryam Riaz Wattoo, sister of Bushra Bibi, the wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, has expressed deep concern over her sister’s treatment in imprisonment.

In interviews with private TV channels Samaa and Aik News, Wattoo highlighted several alarming issues.

Concerns Over Health and Well-being

Wattoo claimed that Bushra Bibi has been denied medical tests and visits from family. She said when she met Bushra two months, 10-12 police personnel were present at their meeting.

“There are concerns about the incidents that happened to Bushra Bibi during her imprisonment,” Wattoo stated. “She was definitely given something mixed in her food several times. Despite her request, she was not shown to any doctor for 10-15 days.”

Criticism of PTI Lawyers and Internal Divisions

Wattoo also criticized PTI lawyers for their lack of action in the Nikah case, pointing out repeated delays and a lack of communication.

“The lawyers are not appearing in the Nikah case, and dates are being given again and again,” she said. “There is no talk from our party lawyers. The reason for the division in the party is not known. Even after the letter from the judges, no specific action was taken. Hamid Khan, Latif Khosa, and Ali Zafar are also not talking. Voters should hold them accountable.”

She further emphasized the need for the party to reclaim its mandate and expressed her frustration with those within the PTI who were willing to compromise on Imran Khan’s principles.

Asserting her Right to Speak Out:

Wattoo clarified that while she holds no official position within the PTI, her membership grants her the right to voice her concerns. She also expressed respect for the sisters of the PTI founder.