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Monday, June 24, 2024  
17 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Meta to rollout AI feature on WhatsApp

New feature can now animate those generated images to create GIFs

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, is introducing its advanced artificial intelligence feature, Meta AI, to enhance the messaging app’s capabilities.

The gradual rollout of the new feature is under way, enabling WhatsApp users worldwide to experience its benefits.

Similar to ChatGPT or Copilot, Meta AI allows users to generate text, create images, ask questions, request jokes, and even produce animated images, all within the WhatsApp platform. This feature can be accessed through a dedicated chatbot or within personal and group chats.

Meta AI is only available to a limited number of users and exclusively in English. Initially capable of generating static images, the new feature can now animate those generated images to create GIFs.

The following steps explain how to animate Meta AI images into GIFs on WhatsApp:

  • Open Meta AI: Click on the blue circle icon located at the top of the chat interface.
  • Summon Meta AI in chat (alternative): In a personal or group chat, tag ‘@MetaAI’ within your message prompt and send it.
  • Request an image: Ask the AI to create the desired image in your prompt.
  • Animate the image: Once the image is generated, reply to the same image and ask Meta AI to animate it.
  • Meta AI creates the GIF: After this prompt, Meta AI will generate a GIF based on the image.

Users cannot directly request Meta AI to generate a GIF. Instead, they would need to provide a prompt for an image first. Once the image is generated, they can ask for animation.

The parent company would soon allow users the ability to delete specific chats or request the removal of previously shared data with Meta AI.

Regarding privacy, it is important to understand that while standard WhatsApp conversations benefit from end-to-end encryption, interactions with Meta AI do not possess this security feature.

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