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Saturday, June 22, 2024  
15 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

A door, left behind at partition, makes its way to Lahore

The door came from Amin Chohan's ancestral house in Batala

Over seven decades since the partition of India, old wounds of separation and loss are still finding ways to be healed.

One such event happened recently, where a door from an ancestral house travelled from India to Pakistan.

A door, symbolizing the essence of home and cherished moments, embarked on an extensive voyage from Batala to Mumbai, then Dubai, Karachi, and ultimately reached Lahore, the current abode of Professor Amin Chohan.

This door, brimming with nostalgic recollections and historical significance, was graciously presented to Chohan by his friend, Palwinder Singh, hailing from India. It served as a profound gesture, representing their shared heritage and unwavering friendship that transcends the confines and scars of partition.

Singh bestowed upon Chohan the door that once graced his father’s dwelling in Ghoman Pind, Batala. This deeply emotional moment was captured in a video that swiftly gained widespread attention across social media platforms.

As Chohan delicately unwrapped the door, his eyes welled up with tears upon holding the weathered wood, brimming with cherished memories and historical significance.

This door had traversed a remarkable journey, spanning from Batala to Mumbai, then Dubai, Karachi, and finally finding its resting place in Lahore, where Prof. Chohan now resides.

While the emotional value of this exchange is something only explainable by people involved, the brining of a door signifies how cultural ties can transcend not just borders but generations of people as well.

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