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Wednesday, May 22, 2024  
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Jamal, Qasim stress need for awareness, discourse in society

Actor laments society is extremely corrupt; motivational speaker Pakistan has ethically defaulted
How to celebrate Eid? - Eid Special - Rubaroo With Shaukat Piracha - Aaj News

Actor Syed Jamal Shah and motivational speaker Syed Qasim Ali Shah have stressed the need for awareness among people and discourse in society.

The two were the guests of Shaukat Piracha on his show Rubaroo. The programme was aired on Aaj News on Thursday—the second day of Eid.

Jamal spoke about the impact of so-called ‘Afghan Jihad War’ on Eid, saying that the terrorism ended the cultural exchange of people at different events during the festival. He described that moment as the “soul of Pakistan.”

In his moment, Qasim mentioned phenomena in the human psyche where humans get fascinated by every new experience. He was of the view that it was the difference of time. But he agreed with Jamal, citing that the militancy triggered an emotion where “one gets unhappy due to another’s happiness.”

The motivational speaker said that the nation has “ethically defaulted”, stressing the need for thinking. “The difference between perception and reality is so big that we are in difficulty,” he said and highlighted the negative impact of excess awareness.

Jamal said that awareness was the biggest strength of human beings. “It is also a paradox. A liberated person engages with life. If he thinks and reaches a level of awareness, he becomes generous. When you are aware, you are brave and when you are brave you can face the mighty opponent. You are not a miser.”

He gave the example of Suif poets. “When you are intimately informed then you become the informed decision maker. You are a leader.”

Qasim was of the view that people should not lose hope amid the country’s situation. He suggested that the nation should set a 10 to 20-year goal.

When asked, the veteran actor said political forces in society should work and bring transparency to their system. “I think our electoral system is very flawed,” he said and lamented that genuine leadership do not get the opportunity to get up. “You have to become an agent of change.”

On the same wavelength, the motivational speaker said that there was a great divide within society and reiterated the need for awareness.

In response to a question, Jamal said social media has a paradoxical position while speaking about its benefits of connection and the flood of information. “Discourse should be available in society.”

Qasim also said that dialogue should be active in society. “We should make a 20-year goal and make a goal for education,” he said and suggested that seniors of the country should sit together and lead the nation forward.

While speaking about the situation, Jamal said: “Our society is extremely corrupt and abuse of merit is the worst presentation of it. Political parties should have transparency and democracy and nurture workers from the grassroots. Politicians can do much and they should consider themselves as able.”

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