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Friday, April 19, 2024  
09 Shawwal 1445  

PIA air hostess rearrested in Canada on drug possession charge

Candian authorities found ice in Hina Sani's shoes

The arrest of Pakistan International Airlines air hostess Hina Sani has taken a new turn after being rearrested after a drug posession charge.

Canadian authorities arrested Sani again in Toronto after ice was found in her shoes.

A PIA spokesperson has confirmed that the hostess was sent to jail without specifyinf the charges framed against her.

The latest development reportedly took place around easter holidays. Sani is expected to be presented in court soon.

Media reports also claimed that Sani named tow PIA officials posted in Toronto, named Faiza Javed and Jameel as her accomplices. Both were reportedly subjected to an hours-long interrogation session.

Sani had been released after her original detention for carrying passports belonging to people not related to her. However, she had been suspended by the airline.

The Federal Investigation Agency has already contacted PIA for details about the matter.

If found guilty, Sani could face deportation as well.

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