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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Karachi policeman punished for ‘taweez’ on SSP

Police has forfeited two years of the constable's service

In a bizzare story, Karachi police has forfeited two years from the service of an official for performing black magic on a senior superintendent of police and his family.

SSP Saqib Ibrahim claimed that a deputy constable named Abdul Qayyum had performed in illegal and immoral acts on him and his family using taweez ganda.

Abdul Qayyum was accused of going to the graveyard where the SSP’s deceased relatives are buried and finding out their names, including the SSP’s mother.

He then gave the names to another deputy constable named Ghulam Murtaza to get the taweez.

The order of the punishment says that Ghulam Murtaza confessed to his involvement in the act on behest of Abdul Qayyum.

The order also said that Qayyum had been issued show cause notices and was called for an oral testimony as well, but replies to both were found unsatisfactory.

Qayyum had said in his reply that the allegations were false and he does not even belive in taweez ganda.

As punishment, two years of Qayyum’s service were forfeited. The order also said that the constable could be transferred to his hometown Ghotki.

For his part, Qayyum has vehemently denied the allegations and called them a character assassination campaign.

He also termed the sentence handed out to him as unnecessarily harsh and demanded that Murtaza’s allegations against him should be properly investigated.

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