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Dharmendra and Hema Malini react to daughter Esha’s divorce

The actress's father is said to be upset with the news

Bollywood actress Esha Deol recently announced her separation from Bharat Takhtani, bringing an end to their 12-year marriage. N

Legendary actor Dharmendra, who rose to fame with filsm such as Sholay, is said to be upset over the fate of his daughter’s marriage.

Indian media outlets have quoted sources close to Dharmendra that suggest he wants his daugher to get back with her husband.

“He is indeed sad, and that’s the reason he wants them to reconsider getting separated,” a source quoted in a report by NDTV said.

“Esha and Bharat have two daughters Radhya and Miraya. They are very close to their grandparents paternal and maternal. Separation affects the kids badly and hence Dharamji feels if the marriage can be saved they should,” it added.

On the other hand, Esha’s mother Hema Malini, who is a politician and a legendary actress in her own right, was intially reported to be keeping a space from the news of the divorce. One media report said, Malini had chosen not to ‘meddle’ in her daughter’s affairs.

However, a new interview suggested that Malini might have a direction in mind for Esha’s future.

In an interview with ABP, Malini said that her daughter could join politics in the future.

She said that Esha is ‘very interested’ in politics and could join soon. She also said that her husband never had an issue with her politics, so he would likely not have a problem with Esha’s politics either.

“If they want. Esha is very interested in it, she loves doing it. In the next few years, if she is interested, she will definitely (join politics),” she said.

Malini has been a member of the Lok Sabha since 2014 as a Bharatiya Janata Party candidate.

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