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Saturday, July 13, 2024  
06 Muharram 1446  

Alleged snatching of nominating papers sparks row between ECP, Punjab police

Punjab chief election commissioner speaks with IGP

The provincial head of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in Punjab contacted the Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) on Sunday to protest alleged police interference in the electoral process.

Punjab Chief Election Commissioner Saeed Gul told IGP Usman Anwar the ECP would not tolerate meddling in the work of its officers and that ensuring a level play field was vital for holding free and fair elections, Aaj News reported.

Gul acted after Lahore district electioneer commissioner, Abdul Wadood Khan, sent him a letter reporting alleged interference in the work of returning officers (ROs).

The complaint coincided with PTI claims that its candidates were not allowed to submit their nomination papers and officers in uniforms or in civvies snatched nomination papers from candidates or their representatives when they arrived at the RO offices.

In his letter to Saeed Gul, the Lahore district election commissioner said that he had “received multiple complaints from the returning officers of district Lahore regarding interference of law & enforcement agencies especially police department in the official assignments of returning officers.”

Wadood said he tried to contact police officials over phone and passed on [to the police], but in vain.

Therefore, he said, the provincial election commissioner should contact the chief secretary and the IGP, said the letter.

Apparently, Gul made the telephone call to IGP Anwar after receving the letter.

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