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Red Line BRT project likely to be completed by 2026

Because of the difficulties of the citizens, the speed of work on the project should be increased
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Mayor Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the Red Line (BRT) Corridor is a big and important project of travel facilities for citizens and all possible measures should be taken to complete the project before 2026.

KMC Council members want the completion of this project as soon as possible. Because of the difficulties of the citizens, the speed of work on the project should be increased. Millions of citizens of Karachi will benefit from the completion of this project, he said while presiding over a meeting with a 15-member delegation of the Asian Development Bank on Tuesday.

Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi, Najmi Alam, Mayor Karachi’s Representative for Political Affairs Karamullah Waqasi and Deputy Parliamentary Leader Dil Muhammad were also present at the meeting while Asian Development Bank was represented by Trans Coordinator Aanvel Benary, and Investment Specialist Yaxin Yan.

A digital presentation was made regarding the (BRT) project in which it was stated that a joint investment of 503.2 million dollars has been made on the Red Line (BRT) project, as 320,000 passengers will be able to travel by Red Line bus per day. It was told in the meeting that the construction work has been slowed down by the contractor for revision of rates.

Apart from this, according to international rules, pedestrian ways and vehicle parking will also be available for the convenience of citizens around the Red Line Corridor, advertising has been arranged at all stations and between the street light poles along the way.

The Red Line project also includes the construction of Bagh Karachi Park on 54 acres of land on Rashid Minhas Road and the construction of a bus depot on 16.2 acres, while a biogas plant will also be installed. The delegation said that the project is being completed by the rules and regulations required for modern urban infrastructure for which the services of expert consultants in each field have been hired.

The project on University Road will be completed before the completion time of 2026 and the contractor should be directed to ensure that traffic on University Road during the construction works is not affected. Make alternative routes motorable to save citizens from hardship,

He said that along with the construction of the red line, the work on the construction of Bagh Karachi and the biogas project should also be accelerated, the red line project should be completed according to international standards and specifications, provision of better travel facilities to the citizens of Karachi is the responsibility of the municipal government for which all possible support will be provided.

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