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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Explosions reported in Lahore and Multan, one killed

The Lahore explosion has been attributed to gas leak, while Multan's explosion is still unexplained

A gas explosion took place in Mughalpura’s auto market in Lahore on Sunday, leaving three people injured.

Initial reports said that the explosion took place due to a gas build-up in a sewerage pipeline.

The three injured people have been shifted to the Services Hospital. Meanwhile, police and forensics teams have reached the site of the explosion and investigations are underway.

An explosion also took place in Tawakal town in Multan, in which one child was killed while three people were injured.

The explosion reportedly took place in a scrap heap.

The deceased child has been identified as Ahmad Ali. Meanwhile, injured, identified as Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Arif and Mahnoor, have been shifted to Nishtar Hospital.

Police arrived on the scene to investigate the explosion. However, no statement has been made about the nature of the explosion remains unknown.

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