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Tuesday, July 23, 2024  
16 Muharram 1446  

Four policemen suspended over taking bribes from cricketers

IG Sindh Mukhtar took notice of the matter after cricketers’ posts
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Photo Aaj News art

Four policemen have been suspended over taking bribes from cricketers of national team Sohaib Maqsood and Aamir Yamin after they shared complaints on social media.

Inspector General (IG) Police Sindh Mukhtar took notice after cricketers’ post on X where users were trolling the Sindh police and terming them corrupt.

According to an inquiry report prepared by DIG Shaheed Banazirabad stated that four policemen of Sakrand station including the clerk and the House Station Officer (SHO) have been suspended for their corrupt practices.

The report has been sent to the IG Sindh.

Pakistani cricketers Sohaib Maqsood and Aamir Yameen while sharing their experience of by-road travel from Karachi to Multan Sohaib Maqsood and Aamir Amin criticised the Sindh police for taking bribes throughout the province.

Sohaib picked his X handle to express his anger, he wrote: We are very lucky to live in Punjab, I am traveling by road from Karachi to Multan for the first time in my life.“

“Sindh police is so corrupt that they stop you after 50 km and ask for money or they threaten you to go to the police station,” he wrote.

The batsman Aamir Yameen also wrote in the post that the Sindh Police has said that this is a heated bribery market, residents were worried about it and now even international cricketers are not being spared.

“I introduced myself, but the officers asked for a bribe,” he added.

Following the posts of cricketers a storm of comments from social media users emerged.

A user criticized and wrote, “Thanks for exposing corruption in Sindh Police.”

Another handle described the comparison of Sindh and Punjab police as a promotion of hate between provinces.

While expressing the thought a user said: “We are fortunate to live in Sindh, not in Punjab; otherwise, I cannot imagine how the Punjab Police would treat minority.”

A user suggested Sohaib Maqsood to tag Sindh Police and Home Ministry in the post.

One user was very unhappy with this post by Sohaib Maqsood. He said that I strongly condemn what happened to these players. But at the same time, I am concerned about why they are blaming the whole of Sindh for this.

However, legal action is being taken by registering a formal First Information Report against the officials involved in the incident.

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