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Tuesday, May 21, 2024  
12 Dhul-Qadah 1445  

Jahangir Tareen also vows to build ‘Naya Pakistan’

Advises supporters to look forward

Jehangir Tareen of Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party has also vowed to build ‘Naya Pakistan’—the slogan on which his former party leader Imran Khan led 2018 election campaigns. The PTI was in rule for three years in the country.

“It is time to look forward,” he said while addressing a rally in Kamoke, Gujranwala in Punjab on Sunday before hurling a slogan of Naya Pakistan.

Tareen, who is the patron-in-chief of IPP, went on to add that he does not belong to a political family and entered politics after long consideration.

The IPP is a splinter faction of PTI loyalists who coalesced around Jahangir Tareen in the wake of the May 9 violence. In the recent past, several former PTI leaders have joined the party with an announcement to continue “working for the people”.

The JKT-led party was launched on June 8, 2023. Almost all their leaders were part of the PTI when it announced its manifesto, which included providing 10 million jobs in five years.

Tareen vowed to improve the country’s situation and change the conditions of the people. “Quality education should be provided in the country. Hopefully, we will build Naya Pakistan.”

IPP President Aleem Khan also addressed the party’s supporters. Without naming the PTI, he criticised the Imran Khan-led party for making “tall claims” and allegedly appointing incompetent chief ministers.

Last month, he promised to cut the price of gasoline in half and set the minimum salary at Rs50,000.

“Free electricity will be provided on tubewells providing water to farmers having 12 and a half acres of land,” he told supporters at the Jahanian Stadium in Khanewal on October 28.

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