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Friday, June 14, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

King Charles not being ‘progressive’ has put his reign in jeopardy

One royal author is not "buying" King Charles' long-standing praise for progressivism.

According to a royal author, King Charles is not as “progressive” as many people think, which puts him at risk of becoming a disappointment.

Over six months have passed since the King’s historic coronation at Westminster Abbey, when the brutal takedown occurred.

The event was full of medieval-era customs; Charles was seated in a 700-year-old oak chair and received an orb, a sword, and a scepter. The solid gold, jeweled St. Edward’s Crown was also placed atop Charles’ head.

But as it contradicts the very image the King is attempting to project, this emphasis on tradition may ultimately prove to be the King’s downfall, according to Clive Irving, the author of The Last Queen and a royal columnist for The Daily Beast.

Charles has been vocal about the negative effects of pollution for many years, becoming one of Britain’s most well-known environmentalists.

Many anticipated that once he came to the throne, Charles would try to modernize the 1000-year-old institution because of his record and his pledge to reduce the monarchy.

Irving, though, is skeptical that Charles, even with his best efforts, could carry out this manifesto.

“I’ve been surprised by the lack of any sign that he’s going to get to grips with the scale of the monarchy - the size of it - and that relates to the cost of it,” he explained.

Irving went on to say: “In the past, he has said that he was going to deal with it in a more contemporary, realistic way and make it fit for purpose for this century.”

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