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Saturday, May 25, 2024  
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Fact check: Indian PM Modi trolled for leaving Pat Cummins but what happened exactly?

A video clip depicting Indian premier Modi giving the World Cup trophy to Aussies leader and left
Photo screengrap
Photo screengrap

Social media users are sharing and trolling Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the team India’s defeat in World Cup 2023 on Sunday at Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad.

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi went viral which indicates his anguish after losing the grand event, this is what trollers are getting out of that video.

The clip depicts Indian premier Modi giving the World Cup trophy to Aussies leader Pat Cummins and leaving the stage before clicking the picture.

However, netizens termed that as a ‘delinquency’ from the Indian premier but the fact check unveiled the truth and we found that the video was an edited version that went viral.

An actual clip shows that Modi came to the stage with the Australian High Commissioner to India and gave the trophy to Cummins and they had a short communication on the stage.

After handing over the trophy to the captain he went away to shake hands with Australian players while Pat Cummins waited on the stage for his team to come and share the joy and photographs of the triumph moments.

On the other hand, X user described PM’s act of leaving the podium as ‘funny’ and trolling him as well.

India had remained unbeaten in all matches they had played toward the World Cup trophy but they got disappointed in the stage as the Aussies wrapped the match at 6 wickets.

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