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Tuesday, June 25, 2024  
18 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

PTI wants ‘level-playing’ field after election date

Barrister Gohar says if SC intervenes, it should not think announcing poll date was enough

PTI lawyer Barrister Gohar Khan has demanded that his party should get a ‘level playing’ field and its leadership was allowed to participate in the general elections, which are scheduled to hold on February 8.

“If the Supreme Court intervenes, it should not think that it has held elections by announcing the election date,” he said in an interview with Asma Shirazi on her show Faisla Aap Ka which was aired on Aaj News on Thursday. “The Supreme Court should ensure the things required for the elections.”

Gohar explained that the top court should provide a level playing field, and permission to leadership to participate in polls, and workers should not be picked up.

When the host countered that it was the duty of the polls overseer to ensure the above-mentioned demands, he replied that even the election date was announced after the intervention of the Supreme Court.

Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja and President Arif Alvi agreed on holding general elections on February 8 after the Supreme Court ordered the country’s electoral authority to confer with the president on the poll date.

“We are celebrating that a date has been announced, but despite the Constitution being so clear the Supreme Court had to intervene,” Gohar added.

In response to a query, he said: “If there is no ill-intention in announcing the election date then there is no issue who announced the election date.”

Gohar alleged that the ECP and the previous government had ill intentions, citing “money, security, workers, and staff issues”. He added that the SC observation made him believe that elections would be held on time.

“I think this is the test of the Supreme Court and judiciary. We consider these judges liberal and we say that these are those judges who will uphold the Constitution, so the whole population is seeing them.”

Gohar, who is Imran Khan’s lawyer, said that his client would contest elections and claimed that his client was illegally arrested. He shared that so far they have not rules related to the cipher case.

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