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Friday, July 12, 2024  
05 Muharram 1446  

Dollar falls by another Rs1.1 in interbank

Dollar has continued to fall against rupee in recent weeks

The trend of the rupee continuing to gain strength against the dollar continued on Thursday as the greenback fell by Rs1.1 in the interbank.

The dollar closed at 292.78 against the previous closing of Rs293.88, according to the State Bank of Pakistan on Thursday.

Many experts despite rupee’s appreciation has called for long term measures to have constitency and a stable currency.

The dollar had crossed the Rs300 mark in both interbank and open market in recent weeks. However, a crackdown on smuggling and tighter controls by authorities have seen a persistent decrease in the dollar’s value.

The stock market also saw a positive trend at the opening of trading on Thursday. The PSX 100 index rose by 65 points to 45,950 points early in the day.

But the KSE 100 Index closed at 46,202.12 after gaining 312.55 points.

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