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Bushra Bibi meets Imran Khan in Attock jail after brief standoff with police

The meeting lasts for an hour; Bushra Bibi avoids reporters gathered outside the prison
Bushra Bibi was stopped near Attock jail. Aaj News
Bushra Bibi was stopped near Attock jail. Aaj News
Bushra Bibi with husband Imran Khan. Photo: instagram
Bushra Bibi with husband Imran Khan. Photo: instagram

Former first lady Bushra Bibi Thursday met with her her husband and PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Attock jail. The meeting lasted for an hour and at the end of the meeting, Bushra Bibi left for Lahore without speaking to reporters, who had gathered outside the jail.

She was allowed into the jail after a brief standoff. When Bushra Bibi arrived near the prison at around 2pm she was stopped at a police checkpoint.

The police also barred PTI lawyers and others from moving past the barrier, leading to a standoff which lasted for about 30 minutes.

Journalists were stopped from taking photographs as police took away their phones.

The police finally allowed Bushra Bibi to see the PTI chief, but the lawyers were denied permission.

“Bushra Bibi has got the permission but the legal team is being asked to meet next week. Perhaps it is because of [my] previous press conference. The legal team has every right to meet [Imrna Khan] because it needs to receive instructions about pleading the case. This is our right,” said Khan’s lawyer Naeem Haider Panjutha.

Panjutha met Imran Khan last week and then held a press conference to communicate the PTI chief’s message to his workers.

Panjutha, Sher Afzal Marwat and other PTI leaders stayed outside when Bushra Bibi went inside the jail. A police van carried her to the inner gate of the jail.

Bushra Bibi is the first family member to meet Khan after his arrest.

She travelled with Khan’s legal team from Lahore to Islamabad where she appeared before the court and then to Attock, arriving in the northwestern Punjab city located 400 kilometres from Lahore at around noon.

Imran Khan was arrested from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore on Saturday, August 6. He was taken to Attock prison immediately after the arrest and is being held in a separate part of the jail away from other prisoners.

The Islamabad High Court allowed on Wednesday Imran Khan’s lawyers to meet him.

Bushra Bibi also faces the risk of being arrested as she is co-accused in the £190 million NAB case involving a property tycoon.

A NAB court barred the accountability body from arresting her as Judge Mohammad Bashir reserved judgement until 2pm.

Imran Khan has filed a petition with Islamabad seeking his transfer from Attock jail to Rawalpindi’s Adiala prison, which is more accessible for the party leaders and has better facilities.

He is also seeking A-Class facilities for himself in jail.

This is a developing story.

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