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Wednesday, June 19, 2024  
12 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Pakistan will not compromise on safety of its people: Khar

Adds that Pakistan's policy is 'engage, engage, engage'

State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar said that Pakistani diplomats are routinely asked if they are in Pakistan’s camp or in United States’ camp, but Pakistan is in Pakistan’s camp. She added that Pakistan will not sacrifice on the safety of its people.

Khar said it was a matter of fact that many terrorism incidents in Pakistan had involvement of characters in Afghanistan.

Speaking to Munizae Jahangir in Spotlight, Khar also clarified Bilawal Bhutto’s recent statement about Afghanistan regarding ‘options’ had meant that Pakistan reserved the right to act in its defence.

Khar said that data of attacks in Pakistan since the regime had changed in Afghanistan are ‘appalling’.

“When we say we can exercise all options there is a whole plethora of options,” Khar said.

However, she clarified that acting beyond Pakistan’s borders was not the first or even the second or third option. She said Pakistan’s stance was to ‘engage, engage, engage’.

Khar said that the previous government was a little confused about where Pakistan’s red lines were.

She added that Pakistan’s evidence regarding the involvement of Afghan nationals in attacks on Pakistan’s soil were based on nationalities as well as some specific evidence that had been shared with Afghan authority.

Khar said that there had been incidents of people crossing into Pakistan from Afghanistan as ‘medical attendants’ who were later found to be involved in terrorism incidents.

The minister said that Pakistan was ‘far better equipped’ do deal with terrorism incidents linked to Afghanistan because of fencing which gave Pakistan accurate data of who was crossing into Pakistan or not.

Addressing the matter of negotiations with Taliban, Khar said that the TTP was in no position to make any demands of the Pakistan government.

“Pakistan cannot and should not compromise on the safety of its people,” she said.

Regarding the use of US and NATO weapons by terrorists in Zhob, Khar said it was a byproduct of the ‘hasty’ exit of the United States from Afghanistan.

Khar also said that it was not accurate to say that the Establishment was deciding the direction of Pakistan’s foreign policy as there are extensive engagements.

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