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Saturday, July 20, 2024  
13 Muharram 1446  

NEPRA approves power tariff hike

Up to Rs7.5 per unit increase to be effective from July 1
Power transmission towers are pictured in Karachi, Pakistan July 26, 2022. Reuters/File
Power transmission towers are pictured in Karachi, Pakistan July 26, 2022. Reuters/File

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has approved an increase in basic electricity tariff by Rs 7.50 per unit from July 1, 2023, in the country as the government takes steps to comply with the International Monetary Fund conditions.

Nepra has sent the decision to the federal government for notification as lifeline consumers – who use up to 100 units of electricity – would be exempted from the increase in electricity prices.

The rate for the first 100 units consumption was not Rs16.48 per unit after it was increased by Rs3/unit while that of 101-200 units went up by Rs4 per unit to Rs22.95 per unit.

Moreover, the rate for 201-300 units per month was hiked by Rs5 per unit to Rs27.14 and the tariff for consumers using 301-400 units a month would pay Rs6.5 per unit.

The rate for residential consumers above 401-500 units and commercial, industrial and others was increased by Rs7.5 per unit or 21-22%.

Similarly, the rate for 501-600 units per month was increased by Rs7.50 to Rs37.80 units while that of 700 units or more was hiked by Rs7.50 to Rs42.72 units.

Officials said that after sales tax, the maximum tariff per unit would be Rs50.41. Up to 50 units per month, lifeline customers would remain at Rs3.95 per unit and Rs7.74 per unit for customers using 51-100 units per month.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday said that the massive power hike was done to meet the toughest conditions of IMF.

The consumption of up to 200 units, which make up 63% of total consumers, would be exempted from the tariff increase, adding that another 31% will also have a partial subsidy, he told the gathering.

“But I stressed that the burden should not be passed on to the protected segments of society,” he said and added that the rise will be up to 5.75 rupees a unit.

The lender had pointed out that liquidity conditions in the power sector remained acute, with a buildup of arrears. The arrears to Pakistan’s power generation companies have accumulated in billions of dollars.

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