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Tuesday, June 25, 2024  
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Evacuation orders issued after India releases water in Sutlej River

By tonight, the water will enter Pakistani territory from Kasur Ganda Singh district, says PDMA
A submerged temple is pictured as the river Beas overflows following heavy rains in Mandi in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, India, July 10, 2023. Reuters
A submerged temple is pictured as the river Beas overflows following heavy rains in Mandi in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, India, July 10, 2023. Reuters
File photo.
File photo.

Punjab’s disaster management authority has issued a flood warning on the Sutlej river after India also released water in the river below Harike Wetland and advised districts to set up relief campuses.

“Steps should be taken to evacuate people to safe places,” PDMA DG Imran Qureshi was quoted as saying in a statement shared by the PTV. “People’s lives and property can be ensured through advance arrangements.”

By Monday night, the PDMA warned the water would enter Pakistani territory from Kasur Ganda Singh district.

The PDMA has directed the deputy commissioners of Kasur, Okara, Wahari, Pakpattan and Wahari to complete the advance arrangements.

“All districts should set up relief campuses,” Qureshi said and advised people to avoid going near urban rivers and canals.

“Currently Medium ranged (1.5 lac to 2.0 lac cusecs) flood discharge is gauged in River Chenab at following two points only: Khanki and Qadriabad,” interim Punjab chief minister Mohsin Naqvi said.

But the rest of the rivers was gauged at normal ranged water flow.

“Flood situation in Punjab is under control and there is steady water flow in all rivers. We are taking updates from irrigation and other departments after every six hours,” said Naqvi.

Over 200 rescued

More than 200 people were rescued from an inundated village as river levels in Punjab continued to rise in the wake of monsoon rains and water discharge from India.

Reports said 232 people in a single village of Shakargarh were stranded after water entered the settlement. They were taken to safety by police and Punjab rangers.

The level of water in river Sutlej rose to 16 feet, with a 4-foot increase coming in a single day after India discharged thousands of cusecs of water into Pakistan.

Emergency operation center said that 18,000 cusecs of water were flowing past Ganda Singh Wala at noon on Monday. Water from the Sutlet has also inundated a viallage named Pakhivind.

Water released from India to reach Narowal today

India released 185,000 cusecs of water into Pakistan’s rivers on Sunday soon after Pakistan had asked Indian authorities to provide accurate data regarding the flow of water after monsoon rains.

The release of water led to flood warnings being issued across the province as the water level in multiple rivers was expected to rise.

The water released in the Ravi river is expected to reach Narowal today (Monday).

Current water levels

Indus at Tarbela

  • Inflow 153,400 cusecs
  • Outflow 164,200 cusecs

Jhelum at Mangla

  • Inflow 56,900 cusecs
  • Outflow 10,000 cusecs

Chenab at Marala

  • Inflow 184,400 cusecs
  • Outflow 168,300 cusecs

Jinnah barrage

  • Inflow 216,800 cusecs
  • Outflow 209,300 cusecs

Chashma barrage

  • Inflow 239,400 cusecs
  • Outflow 225,000 cusecs

Taunsa barrage

  • Inflow 226,100 cusecs
  • Outflow 201,100 cusecs

Guddu barrage

  • Inflow 188,600 cusecs
  • Outflow 150,200 cusecs

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