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Friday, July 19, 2024  
12 Muharram 1446  

Cyclone Biparjoy reporting: Who did it best?

The cyclone is expected to hit the coastal belts of India and Pakistan later today
Photo: Twitter/ Screengrab
Photo: Twitter/ Screengrab

Cyclone Biparjoy is all over the news in both Pakistan and India as it is expected to hit the coastal belts of both countries later on Thursday.

A number of channels gathered their teams and did reports of the cyclone in different styles. However, some of their reporting styles stood out and are currently being discussed on social media.

In Pakistan, a reporter named Abdur Rehman jumped into the water to measure the depth, while in India a newscaster holding an umbrella in the studios pretended as if she was actually reporting from the sight.

Both styles went viral on social media and were enjoyed by people of both countries.

A user sharing both videos on Twitter wrote that this is how media persons give you cyclone Biparjoy news from India as well as Pakistan.

A user asked to put him on Pakistan’s next Olympic swimming team.

Another user wrote: “Comedy channel Republic never fails to amaze me.”

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