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Monday, April 22, 2024  
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Economic growth fell to 0.3%, official economic survey reveals

Inflation stood at 29% in the current fiscal year
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The current fiscal year’s economic survey has revealed that economic growth stood at a meagre 0.3% with performance of most sectors seeing a significant drop, Aaj News reported on Wednesday.

While the gross domestic product stood at Rs84,600 billion, the country saw an inflation rate of 29% from July to March.

The government has cited last year’s catastrophic floods and political instability as the reason for the fall in growth rate.

Here is the percentage wise breakdown for each sector.

Sector 2021-22 2022-23
Agriculture 4.27 1.55
Crops 8.19 -2.49
Livestock 2.25 3.78
Industrial Activity 6.83 -2.94
Large Scale Manufacturing 11.9 -7.98
Small Industry 8.9 9.03
Construction 1.9 5.53
Retail trade 10.32 -4.46
Transportation 4.09 4.73
ICT 16.32 6.93
Real Estate 3.69 3.72

The economic survey is set to be revealed on June 8.

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