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Timeline: PTI’s Fall of Wickets

With multiple major leaders leaving, the party seems very different

It took a week for the events of May 9 to start showing their impact on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The allegory of ‘falling wickets’ had come full circle to the party that had coined it.

As Imran Khan told the world that he understood the pressure his party workers were facing and told international media that ‘democracy is being dismantled’, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s leaders started jumping ship.

Here is a timeline of PTI’s fall of wickets.

May 16: Relatively unknown

PTI’s MNA Mahmood Maulvi announced his resignation from party in a press conference in Karachi.

However, as speculation grew about Ali Zaidi’s future, who was cloase to Maulvi, would also announce his resignation, the PTI leader announces he is staying. He is soon moved to jail from house arrest.

May 17: A bigger name

The party’s North Punjab President Aamer Kiani announces his resignation from the party and adds that he would leave politics. The former health minister adds that he had been with Imran Khan for 27 years.

Two sindh MPAs Sanjay Gangwani and Karim Gabol also announce their departure from the party.

May 18: The Tsunami’s architect

Malik Amin Aslam a close aide of Imran’s and the force behind the Billion Tree Tsunami project announces he is leaving the party. While he was a recognisable face, Aslam was not elected on any seat.

Party spekesman Dr Amjad and Sindh MPA Imran Shah also resign. The party also loses eight politicians from South Punjab, but it is later clarified that none were ticket holders.

May 19: Relatively quiet

Jai Prakash, leader of the PTI’s minority wing and a former MNA on a reserved seat for minorities announces he is leaving the party.

May 20: News from KP

Two members of the KP’s assembly Ajmal Wazir, who served as an advisor to KP’s CM, and Hisham Inamullah, former provincial health minister, announce they are leaving the party.

Sindh MPA Zulfiqar Shah also announces his departure.

May 21: A dismayed businessman

PTI’s Karachi president and a former member of the National Assembly Aftab Siddiqui announces he is leaving the party after being ‘dismayed’.

May 22: The winds gather pace

PTI loses its West Punjab President Faizullah Kamoka, a major leader at the level of local organisation.

Chaudhry Shujaat’s brother, Wajahat Hussain announces his departure as well. He had recently joined PTI as Pervaiz Elahi merged forces with Imran Khan.

In KP, PTI loses Usman Tarakai, former MNA and uncle of the provincial minister Shahram. Usman would join PPP two days later.

May 23: First big blow

After five rounds of arrest, release and immediate re-arrest over 12 days, a sombre Shireen Mazari announces she is leaving party and active politics.

Also among the departees are Jalil Sharaqpuri, Fayaz Chohan, Ayaz Khan and Karachi MPA Bilal Ghaffar.

May 24: Carnage

Fawad Chaudhry, who was quiet since condemning the events of May 9 riots over a week ago, announces via Twitter that he has parted ways with Imran Khan.

Later in the day, Asad Umar, secretary general and one of the party’s faces, announces he will step down from all party positions. However, he announces he will remain a member of the party.

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