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Monday, April 22, 2024  
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BJP leader postpones daughter’s wedding to a Muslim after threats

They were scheduled to get married on May 28
Photo: File
Photo: File

A BJP leader has postponed daughter’s wedding to a Muslim following threats from groups after the invitation went viral on social media.

His daughter was scheduled to get married on May 28.

“I fixed my daughter’s marriage with a Muslim boy and informed everyone,” Yashpal Benam from Uttarakhand was quoted by The Indian Express. “They all agreed to the marriage as this is the 21st century and our children are free to marry whoever they want.”

“Slowly, such an environment was created that the situation is now not favourable for the wedding. The events planned for May 26-28 are put off keeping that in mind,” he said.

He said being a father, he accepted his daughter’s wish and sat with the groom’s family, and decided to get them married.

“But under the current circumstances, because I am also a public representative and nagar palika (municipal council) chairman, my responsibility is also towards my people. This decision has been taken so that there is a happy and harmonious environment,” he told reporters.

After the invitation card went viral on social media, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal (Kotdwar) carried out a protest in Pauri Garhwal on Friday, shouting slogans and burning effigies.

Benam said he also received personal messages against the wedding.

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