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Friday, June 14, 2024  
07 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Cop who publically executed Sahiwal man over argument arrested

CCTV shows Constable Bilal Akram firing multiple times while the victim Akhtar Gujjar is lying helplessly in the middle of the road
TRIGGER WARNING : Policeman shoots dead young man in cold blood in Sahiwal

SAHIWAL: A police constable from Sahiwal, who shot dead a young man in a fit of rage following an altercation over an accident on Wednesday, has been arrested.

Regional Police Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema said that the constable was identified from the CCTV footage that showed the brutal murder. “The suspect had fled after the incident but a team was formed to track him down and bring him in,” he said, adding that the cop was in custody and a case had been registered against him.

 Accused constable Bilal Akram in police custody. Photo via Sahiwal police
Accused constable Bilal Akram in police custody. Photo via Sahiwal police

According to witnesses, a collision between the motorcycles of Constable Bilal Akram and victim Muhammad Akhtar Gujjar led to an argument.

CCTV footage shows the victim sitting on his motorcycle while the policeman remonstrates with Akhtar, who is still on his motorcycle. Two other individuals can also be seen standing close by, presumably to placate the two individuals.

Suddenly, the constable slaps Akhtar in the face and starts punching the victim.

Akhtar can be seen getting off the motorcycle as it topples over. He first defends himself and then the burly civilian punches back.

While the two trade punches and upper cuts, the constable draws his weapon.

He then knocks Akhtar down. While he is lying helpless on the ground, Bilal discharges his weapon multiple times.

According to a witness, two shots missed Akhtar, while two others hit him in the head, which is believed to be the cause of death. The cold-blooded murder took place at around 3pm.

The deceased, who worked at a company while also providing dairy products locally, is survived by a wife and a young daughter.

 Victim Muhammad Akhtar Gujjar. Photo via family
Victim Muhammad Akhtar Gujjar. Photo via family

City Deputy Superintendent of Police Maher Yusuf, while not disclosing the cop’s identity, confirmed that the cop was a member of the Punjab police. It was later confirmed that Bilal is a constable at the Ghalli Manda police station. The area where the incident took place comes within its jurisdiction.

The family members of the victim protested the murder at the Pak Pattan Chowk, blocking traffic. They dispersed after assurance from the police of justice, with Punjab Inspector General Faisal Shahkar ordering the immediate arrest of the accused policeman.

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