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Morning drizzle in different cities of Punjab ends heatwave

Met Office predicts dry weather for May
A screengrab of drizzle in Lahore on May 6, 2022. Aaj News
A screengrab of drizzle in Lahore on May 6, 2022. Aaj News

LAHORE. Drizzling in Punjab’s different cities broke the heatwave in the province on Friday. But, the Met Office said it would not last long as the weather system has passed the region, leading to continuing dry weather for the ongoing month.

Four millimetres of rain was recorded near the Lahore Airport area. However, other areas of the city only received light rain. Some areas of Sahiwal, Sheikhupura, Chiniot, Sargodha, and Nankana Sahib also received drizzle.

According to the Met Office, the maximum temperature expected in Lahore is 38 degrees centigrade.

“Severe heatwave conditions are predicted during the next week. High pressure is likely to grip the upper atmosphere from Sunday. Due to this high-pressure day temperatures are likely to increase gradually in most parts of the country from Sunday,” read the press release.

Day temperatures are likely to remain 07-09°C above normal in upper Punjab, Islamabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir. Day temperatures are likely to remain 06-08°C above normal in Upper and Central Sindh, Central and South Punjab and parts of Balochistan.

Risks of high temperature

  • Water stress on water reservoirs, crops, vegetables and orchards
  • Increased energy demand
  • Increase the base flow in the rivers during the next week

“The weather system related to rain, which entered Pakistan on Eid, has almost finished. But it will remain in northern areas. There is no chance of rainfall in coming days,” Met Office Regional Head Muhammad Aslam told Aaj News.

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