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Friday, July 19, 2024  
12 Muharram 1446  

Spanner in the works: "Key" cabinet session with PM Imran in the chair ends

Important decisions expected in cabient session while nation awaits voting on no-confidence motion
PM Imran Khan. File photo.
PM Imran Khan. File photo.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday chaired an important session of the federal cabinet, creating further confusion about the voting on the no-confidence motion that was expected to take place at 8pm in the ongoing session of the National Assembly.

As per reports, key decisions were expected in the 9pm meeting of the federal cabinet.

Following the meeting, it is being reported that those at the PM's chamber at the parliament have been alerted - reportedly ahead of his arrival. Sources have also been quoted as saying that the premier has summoned NA speaker Asad Qaiser.

"The prime minister will not resign and face the no-confidence vote," sources added.

It still remains unclear whether voting on the motion of no-confidence will take place tonight, as ordered by the Supreme Court or if the session is adjourned and reconvened either tomorrow (Sunday) or the day after (Monday).

According to latest updates from the National Assembly, the session is yet to reconvene after being adjourned for night prayers.

It is also not immediately clear what will be the ramifications if the custodian of the house decides to adjourn the NA session without having the vote on the motion.

As per the Supreme Court ruling that restored the NA and overturned the speaker's ruling, the voting on the no-confidence motion is required to take place on Saturday.

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