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Friday, June 21, 2024  
14 Dhul-Hijjah 1445  

Internet detectives find out the cost of Maryam Nawaz’s clothes

Azma Bukhari had claimed Maryam is very frugal regarding her attire

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and senior Punjab minister Azma Bukhari recently claimed that the Chief Minister of Punjab wears Rs800 clothes like ordinary people. The internet did not take kindly to the claims and even found out the price of the clothes she wears.

Regarding Maryam Nawaz’s makeup in a TV show, Azma Bukhari said that I can say that she might have one or two things applied on her face.

Regarding clothes, Uzma said that she used to wear a lawn suit that costs Rs600 to Rs800 that she gets from an ordinary market, she sews it and wears it. The real thing, Bukhari said, is how you wear something.

The internet reacted to these revelations with surprise and interest. On this, a user uploaded an old clip of Uzma Bukhari in which she was seen criticizing Maryam Nawaz in a press conference.

The user noted that Bukhari had said that Maryam could not even be a counselor.

Another user, Yasir Khan, wrote that it seemed Uzma Bukhari is deliberately giving people a reason to make fun of Maryam Nawaz and this is not happening for the first time.

Yet another user asked, which market maryam gets her clothes from. He added that he wanted to give 50 pairs to this ‘poor woman’.

While a user named Mahim Bukhari uploaded a picture of Maryam Nawaz’s alleged bag and also uploaded a picture of the company’s website of the alleged bag, which listed the price of the bag.

The user wrote that Maryam had taken a bag for Umrah worth only Rs900,000 or $3350 dollars.

Another user shared information about Maryam Nawaz’s shoes, adding that that social media is keeping an eye on what she wears. the user also thanked Uzma Bukhari.

According to the website, the price of these velvet slippers is $1265 dollars i.e. more than 3 lakhs.

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